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Digitalisation and digital transformation have brought about disruptive technologies and business models that have changed the way we work, live and do business forever. Products, services, infrastructures and professions have become obsolete, replaced by new ones. The change is so far fetched that new paradigms and cultures are emerging in the way that sectors are managed across cities, communication, finance, government, industry, transport and ultimately the end user, the customer and their expectations are changing. 

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We are totally focused on emerging and available digital customer service enabling products and associated technologies. We keep you up to date with the latest innovations, digital technology and trends coming down the line. 

Drive Digital Transformation

Synergy Organisational Solutions “SOS” is focussed on driving digital transformational programs, providing the channel choice for customer preference that results in a substantial increase in customer satisfaction, license renewals, reduced case backlog and escalations. In addition, employee engagement ratings improved and attrition declined as more interesting roles and outcomes for the team evolved to reward their efforts and expertise.

Digital CX delivering results  

Our Digital CX solutions help our clients profit from lower employee dissatisfaction, reduced operational costs, customer insight OnDemand and improved customer engagement, whilst keeping up to date with advances in digital technology.

Why work with us

  • We are digital customer engagement specialists, we help you to deliver the digital transformation and outcomes for your customers and deliver the digital technology and insight. 
  • We draw on examples and ideas from our cross-sector experience to create digital experiences that work. 
  • Our flexible approach enables us to embed ourselves swiftly in a client or project team environment to deliver the right outcomes.

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